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The Cool Box



The word Cryo means involving or producing cold, especially extreme cold.


Whole body Cryotherapy (WBCT) is a specific form of cold therapy. This therapy involves brief exposure of the whole body in a special temperature-controlled cryochamber, where the air is maintained at -110 °C to -140 °C.


'The ˚Coolbox as we referred to it, was developed by the scientists and engineers of Wroclaw Poland. It all started in 1974 with Kriopan the experimental department of the institute of low temperatures of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Through Scientific research it was developed into a method of treatment and rehabilitation, but also as a method of biological renewal and support in the training of sportsmen and women.

The Cool Box Cryo chamber is located at Loftus Versfelt stadium and we are proud to have the Blue Bull rugby team on board for treatments at The Cool Box.

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