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So how does Whole Body Cryotherapy work?

In the extreme cold conditions of a Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber, the body has physiological responses to exposure that is triggered by the sudden decrease in skin temperature. The body’s core temperature is normally between 36-37°C and will always attempt to maintain this temperature. When the brain receives signals registering the extreme low temperature in a Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber, it recognizes the impossibility of maintaining the core temperature if normal blood circulation is maintained in the outer layers of the skin. Receptors below the surface of the skin then direct the body’s nervous system to carry out a process called vasoconstriction – a narrowing of the arteries and blood vessels. The process leads to a reduction in the flow of blood to tired or damaged tissue, effectively shutting down the inflammation process and the development of swelling or bruising around an injury.

At the same time, blood is retained in the body’s core and is flushed through the normal cycle and becomes enriched with oxygen, enzyme and nutrients as well as receiving an influx of hormones via the body’s endocrine system.

Once the brain identifies that a “normal temperature’ is reached, having exited the Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber and undertaken light exercise, the reverse process called vasodilation then returns the now enriched blood from the core to the extremities. This process coupled with the release of hormones provide for a rush of endorphins, promoting a feeling of wellbeing and positivity in the patient.


Book and pay your session online

Spring Special: R800 Monthly subscription

(with the monthly subscription the member will have the

opportunity of a  minimum of 2 sessions per week to use - timetable for these sessions will be provided).

The subscription sessions is available after group bookings and timeslots will depend on weekly schedules.

Walk-ins: R200 p/p or R600 per/private session

GROUP Sessions

R3000 per 30 min (Group 18 pax)

R4500 per 60 min (Group 36 Pax) 

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